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As a Founder, how will you tip leads into the conversion zone?

The majority of agencies will fail to deliver; having a poor understanding of your market and little to no experience in B2B tech. They will sign long-term contracts to create digital funnels, content and ads that won’t make an actual impact on your bottom line, only drain your budget.
On the other hand, when hiring marketers, expect this process to take time. The best marketers won’t accept a 9-to-5 job – they either have their boutique agencies or are already CMOs of the companies they own. Are there any other options available?

Your marketing partner

When choosing to work with Rock’IT Growth, you get a solid partner with an experience in B2B tech that will deliver quick wins even before you sign a contract. Work with a partner who knows your customers and will deliver actual results, instead of fluffy promises. Start now!

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Case studies



I helped Neoteric introduce a more structured way of running marketing campaigns. I created a webinar strategy and conducted webinars with industry experts and brands, such as Clutch and Microsoft. We worked on designing lead scoring and nurturing systems with the Neoteric's marketing team.



I helped Callpage launch an industry podcast, Sales Leaders Talks, and worked on multiple lead generation activities aimed at international markets. I was in charge of building the strategy for lead generation and coordinating project work of developers, designers, and PPC specialists.



On a mission to make Trustshoring a top website for finding tried-and-tested contractors online. Currently, leading marketing activities and introducing the strategy aimed at increasing brand visibility online, building organic traffic, and boosting lead flow.

Over 6+ years of working on marketing for B2B tech

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Increase my website visibility in Google

Get a comprehensive strategy on how to increase organic traffic to your webpage, no matter if you are starting from scratch or have tried SEO optimization in the past. Increase your page authority in Google. Outshadow competitors by ranking better on keywords that will translate into your business growth.

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Plan and execute content strategy

Get a content marketing strategy that will convert into more hot leads, increased brand visibility, boost your thought leadership within the industry and improve your position in Google. Get original content written by a copywriter whose work is featured on blogs such as Singlegrain, JeffBullas, Growbots, Callpage, Livechat and more.

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Build trust with your B2B customers

Build trust with your B2B customers who are more data-driven, and who are more difficult to convert. Learn how to utilize online events (webinars and online conferences) that will help gain a strong position on the market and attract the attention of key stakeholders within target companies.

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Convert more leads into clients

Not starting from scratch? Let’s tip your page traffic into the conversion zone with smart digital marketing funnels. Build your MVF (minimum viable funnel) in 3 weeks and optimize it over time to convert even more traffic in the future. Nurture leads that are not yet ready to buy with smart automated campaigns and retargeting.

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Optimize your current funnel

You have a content strategy and a functional marketing funnel, but leads aren’t converting into paying customers? Let’s find out the reason for this. Get over 30+ UX, UI fixes together with recommendations on how to “repair” your digital marketing funnel to get more conversions to stop losing profit opportunities.

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